Density Media

Nycodenz, Lymphprep

Almost all mononuclear cells have densities below 1.077 g/mL. These cells can thus be isolated by centrifugation on an isotonic medium with a density close to 1.077 g/mL. Lymphoprep™ is a ready-made, sterile, endotoxin tested solution for isolating human mononuclear cells.


 can be used for the preparation of pure lymphocyte suspensions for tissue typing, antilymphocyte sera and immunological research.
• Maximum yield and recovery when blood sample diluted
1:1 with saline
• Sodium diatrizoate 9.1% (w/v)
• Polysaccharide 5.7% (w/v)

Lymphoprep™ is also available in a pre-filled sterile plastic tube. The Lymphoprep™ Tube consists of two compartments separated by a plastic insert.
This insert allows the blood sample to be poured directly into the tube and diluted with physiological saline. Once the tube has been centrifuged under
specified conditions, a distinct layer of mononuclear cells is found in the upper compartment.
• Density 1.077 ± 0.001 g/mL
• Osmolality 290 ±15 mOsm
• Endotoxins <1.0 EU/mL


Product Osmolality ± Pkg
Number Description 15 mOsm Size Price
AXS1114542 OptiPrep™ 170 (hypotonic) 1 x 250 mL $203.10


 is the Axis Shields trademark name of a sterile, endotoxin tested solution
of 60% (w/v) solution of 60% w/v iodixanol in water that is designed for
the in vitro isolation of biological particles. Iodixanol is essentially a dimmer
of Nycodenz™; hence, OptiPrep™ is non-ionic and has all the benefits of
Nycodenzof Axis Shield.



• Density: 1.320 ± 0.001g/mL
• Osmolality: 170 ± 15 mOsm
• Endotoxin level < 1.0 EU/mL
• Can be used for either preformed gradients or self-generating gradients
• Isotonic solutions can be maintained at high densities
• Isolation of cells, subcellular membranes, viruses, plasma lipoproteins,
nucleic acids and proteins
Isolation of human monocytes. Leucocytes (LC) float rapidly to surface of a dense leucocyterich plasma (LRP) to form a sharp band (1-2) from which the monocytes (M) and the lymphocytes
(L) are resolved (3).

An all purpose density gradient media


Polymorphonuclear leucocytes (PMNs) have a much greater buoyant
density (>1.085g/mL) than mononuclear cells. The buoyant density of
erythrocytes tends to be from 1.09-1.11g/mL. This makes
polymorphonuclear leucocyte separation from whole blood using a density
barrier difficult. Polymorphprep™ is a ready-made, sterile and endotoxin
tested solution which has been developed in an effort to overcome these

• Sodium diatrizoate 13.8% (w/v) • Osmolality 445 ± 15 mOsm
• Dextran 500 8.0% (w/v) • Endotoxins <1.0 EU/mL
• Density 1.113g/mL ± 0.001g/mL
For isolation of human polymorphonuclear leucocytes
Product Pkg

Number Description Size Price
AXS1114683 Polymorphprep™ 1 x 250 mL $77.60